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Child Support

Child Support is money, paid by a parent, who is not living with his or her children.  Payments help cover the costs of the child’s care and assist in supporting their basic needs, such as shelter, food, clothing, medical expenses, education, and transportation are met.  The Jackson County Department of Job and Family Services helps ensure that child support is received by aligning services involved with paternity testing, establishing support orders, and enforcing child and spousal support orders.

In cases where children are born out-of-wedlock, either party may contact the agency and ask for paternity establishment.  Once that process takes place, a caseworker may assist with establishing a child support order.  Other types of support orders are generally issued as the result of a dissolution or divorce order.

How is the amount of support determined?
Support orders are determined by a court or administrative process.  You may estimate your child support order by using the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Support Calculator.

How do I access my Child Support case information?
Call 1.800.860.2555  or visit the Ohio Child Support Web Portal 

How do I access more information about paying or receiving support?
Pay by phone by calling:  1.888.965.2676 or visit (There are no processing charges with this new option.)

Pay By Mail:
Ohio Child Support Payment Central
PO Box 182372
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2372
Make Checks Payable to Ohio CSPC and Include your SETS Case Number

Pay By MoneyGram
Use state code 14674 when using MoneyGram services. (There is a fee associated with this transaction.)