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We help families and children with Child Care, Kinship and Foster and Adoptive Care Services

Foster Care and Adoption

When children are removed from their home, either temporarily or permanently, as the result of child abuse, neglect or dependency, the Jackson County Department of Job and Family Services is dedicated to ensuring that quality foster homes are available to children in the agency’s care.  The agency depends on special families to open their hearts and homes to provide both temporary and permanent care for children.

Homes are needed for children of all ages, but there is a critical need of homes for teens, sibling groups and emergency care placements.  Many individuals are eligible to adopt, regardless of age, marital status or income.  The Jackson County Department of Job and Family Services can help families become eligible to adopt and match parents to a child waiting on their forever home.

To find out more information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, please call 740.286.4181.

Kinship Care and Support

Kinship care provides children with a safe environment while their parent are unable to care for them.  Children may live with a relative, or a non-relative that has had a long-standing relationship with the child or family.  Kinship care is the most desirable option for children that cannot remain in their own home, as it provides a sense of family belonging and often allows the child to remain safely in their own community. 

Kinship providers are tremendously appreciated, as their commitment provides children with connectivity to family, community and friends.  Kinship caregivers may be eligible for financial support, and depending on whether or not they have physical or legal custody, they may eligible for:  Ohio Works First (OWF), Food Assistance, Medicaid, Publicly Funded Child Care, Kinship Care, Kinship Caregiver Program, Social Security or SSI or the Kinship Permanency Incentive (KPI).  Interested providers may visit for more information or call 740.286.4181 to speak to a protective services supervisor or the Adoption Caseworker.  For other online resources, visit

Child Care

The Jackson County Department of Job and Family Services may assist with covering part of the cost of child care of parents or eligible caretakers who are working or enrolled in school while engaged with activities aimed at self-sufficiency. Eligible low or moderate income families may choose a provider that meets their specific needs.  Eligibility is based on family size and gross income.  Children must meet citizenship requirements and be under the age of 13 or be under the age of 18 if deemed special needs. 

Child Care – Providers

Three types of provider opportunities are available for those seeking to care for children in a publicly-funded child care program.  Providers must become licensed and may elect one of the follow options:  Child Care Center  (hyperlink these words to: , or a Type A or Type B provider.  Family Child Care rules regarding Type A and B requirement may be found by clicking here (hyperlink to ) .

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