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We help families and children with Medical, Food, and Cash Assistance

Food Assistance                                  

Food Assistance assists families by stretching their food budgets to purchase healthy food.  The program is intended to increase nutritional options and support the health and well-being of both families and children in Jackson County.  These benefits are distributed via the Ohio Direction Card which may be used as a debit card to purchase food items at designated locations.

Eligibility for food assistance can be complex, as it is based on family size, income, and expenses, but both families and individuals may be eligible to receive food assistance.

You may qualify for benefits if your household’s gross monthly income is at or under 130% of the federal poverty guidelines.  Some households can qualify if they have an income over the limit if an individual in the household is disabled or elderly.  For more information, you may use the USDA’s food assistance calculator or apply for food assistance.       

Medical Assistance

Ohio Medicaid provides health care coverage for individuals or families that may not otherwise have access to quality health care.  With the well-being and health of children, pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.  Medicaid may pay for the cost of physician visits, hospital expenses, nursing home care, and home health care.  Additionally, transportation services to medical appointments may be available.

Individuals may qualify for Medicaid coverage based on the following:

  • Pregnant Woman
  • Preventative and Treatment Services up to age 21
  • Income-eligible Parents and their children up to age 21
  • Older Adults
  • Income-eligible People with Disabilities
  • Children in Foster Care
  • Children who have aged out of Foster Care                                            

Cash Assistance

Ohio Works First (OWF) cash assistance is temporary financial assistance available to families to help with immediate needs while the adults in the family are searching for employment.  OWF is a work program the aligns adults with 20 to 35 hours, per week, of classroom, training, or employment experience to support goals of self-sufficiency.  Benefits are distributed through direct deposit to a designated bank account, or the EPPIcard, which may be used as a debit card.  

Families may be eligible for up to 36 months of assistance while working toward self-sufficiency and financial stability.

Eligibility for OWF is based on a family’s income and the number of individuals living in a household.  Minor children and women who are at least six months pregnant, and in an approved living arrangement, may also be eligible.

To Apply Visit: Benefits.Ohio.Gov or Call:  1.844.640. OHIO (6446)   

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